Family Restoration Centre Malaysia


Dr. Vincent Vasudevan
(Phd, DDiv, MBA, MMIM), is the Chairman and Founder of Family Restoration Centre.

He is also the Managing Director for AV Associates Holdings Co. Ltd in Malaysia, which is a training consultancy company. He also conducts family and intercessory seminars and is a firm believer of the fact that strong families make strong community, which will be able to stand the onslaught of the evil forces in the highly changing and competitive environment. He has a definite mission on earth, which is to equip men and women to face global challenges. He is married to Dr. Victoria for 33 years and has 2 sons. The elder one is Adrian working as a Vice President HSBC Singapore married to Jasmine Soo and his younger son is Dr Aylwin who is a Medical Officer in Mallacca.

Dr. Victoria Nair Vincent (DMin, BTh, Dip. Ed), co-founder of Family Restoration Centre. A former tessol trained school teacher and training consultant by profession, she has been in the ministry of family development for the past twenty years.

Her specific call is in the family ministry where along with her husband, Dr. Vincent, they run family seminars both locally and abroad, concentrating more on the leaders of various communities. She has a deep passion to equip councellors and trainers for the nation. A firm believer and follower of “Charity begins at home”, for a home set right it penetrate the community and nation. Dr Vasudevan Vincent and his wife Dr Victoria Nair have a special call and burden to set up effective families for the glory of God. They have been in the Family Ministry for more than two decades. They strongly believe that everything begins from the very inception of a family. Their vision is to ensure that every God-ordained marriage continues to uphold the marriage convenant. Through their ministry, many dry relationship have been restored to God’s Glory! Adding to that, many contemplated divorces have been put to a halt. They conduct family seminars both locally and abroad. They desire to work on families who are willing to set God-fearing families on earth with the Word of God as their foundation. They also conduct Pre-Marital Counseling for couples who are preparing for marriage. For those who are interested in the ministry of counseling to families, they also provide training to equip them. Both of them are married for more than thirty three years and have two grown sons and a daughter-in-law. Dr Vincent has an earned doctorate in Church Management & Dr Victoria has an earned doctorate in Family Counseling.


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