Family Restoration Centre Malaysia


Pre-Marriage Counseling Course

Every couple is made to go through EIGHT sessions and this is done eight months before the wedding. The first TWO sessions are dealt with individually whereby the counselor helps the candidate to be rid of all condemnations, curses, bondages and guilt in their lives. These sessions may take two or more meetings, depending on each individual and their condition. In these sessions they are made to complete a questionnaire which will help the counselor to understand the candidate better. The last session will be a meeting with both the couple’s parents. The purpose is to help the parents to understand the new responsibilities that their children are taking. Our syllabus is as follows:

SESSION 1 : Self Analysis Questionnaire
SESSION 2 : Positive Confession
SESSION 3 : The Marriage Covenant
SESSION 4 : Communication in Marriage
SESSION 5 : Managing Finances Effectively
SESSION 6 : Sex in Marriage
SESSION 7 : Planning the Marriage
SESSION 8 : Session with both the Couple’s Parents

Cost per Couple

Package A: RM300 inclusive of Manual and 6 VCDs on Marriage
Package B: RM220 inclusive of Manual only

Managing Conflict Course

It is a two-day session and ends with the renewal of marriage vows.

The purpose is to ensure that every God-ordained marriage continues to uphold the marriage covenant. Through their Ministry, many dry marital relationships have been restored to God’s glory! Many contemplated divorces have been put to a halt. They conduct family seminars globally and their objective is to relate their life experiences with people. It is their desire that every family should live a victorious and abundant life that God has promised to His children. This seminar focuses on the importance of enabling couples to realize what marriage is all about. It is a story that begins with two imperfect beings brought together by God, and they take on the task of trying to make each other perfect. There is no perfect marriage, but every marriage relationship needs to be worked out by the couple.

Since marriage is the institution of God, the life in marriage has to begin with the right awareness. Marriage transforms two individuals into becoming ONE in body, mind and spirit. It is certainly an intriguing relationship created by God! To ensure that God’s purpose of uniting a man and woman together becomes effective, the Three-D Formula is put into action. This formula has been effective in helping to restore and heal troubled marriages. God’s llan of marriage is ultimate, meaning He would not want any vows made in His presence to be broken.

This Seminar would act as a refresher to couples as they take time off their daily schedules to be reminded of their commitments towards each other and to God. It acts as a gateway from demanding commitments and routines. It also enables the couple to spend plenty of time with each other without interruptions from anyone. This Seminar is a must for all couples after the first five years of marriage. You may regard it as a Honeymoon with a difference, in that you tend to learn interesting truths regarding this unique relationship called MARRIAGE.

Marriage Counsellor Course

Requirements: Attendance of Marriage Seminar
Duration: 1.5 days
Cost: RM100 per person

* Incl. of manual, but but excl. meals and venue cost


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